1998-2003 Partnerships in Music Education

Fall 2003

Schizoid Zithers

Schizoid Zithers Percussion ensemble concert featuring David Moore and his schizoid zithers. David’s ornamental sound boards are sold as works of art in galleries and art shows
throughout the United States.

Spring 2003

Brazilian Festival

Maculele & Samba Batucada
featuring Efaim Silva and Ney Rosauro of Brazil with music students from Ward-Stewart Elementary, Starkville

Spring 2003

Robert Long

Robert Long Percussion Ensemble concert featuring Anna Chupa, visual artist and Robert Long with his ceramic students. This performance represented a semester’s long collaboration between the Department of Music and the Art Department to explore the interaction between music and the other arts (MENC National Standard #8).

Fall 2002

MENC, MSU Chapter

MENC Members, advised by Damm, perform their original composition with the percussion ensemble.

Spring 2002

South Side Elementary

South Side Elementary Percussion Extravaganza - Music of South America and the Caribbean featuring Blues Axis and the South Side Elementary School Choir, West Point.

Fall 2001

Starkville Martial Arts Academy

Starkville Martial Arts Academy Percussion Ensemble concert featuring The Starkville Martial Arts Academy. The concert included the premiere of Damm’s “Ninja Secrets” which was inspired by the natural rhythms inherent in each of the taekwondoe forms, Brazilian capoiera, and Japanese taiko drumming.

Spring 2001

Jordan Benissan

A Concert of African Music featuring Jordan Benissan of Togo, West Africa. One week residency presenting lectures and performances in area public and county schools including Alexander, Wicks, Ward-Stewart, and Overstreet.

Spring 2000

Overstreet Elementary

Spring Concert - Traditional folk songs of Israel, Europe, and Jamaica
featuring Hugh Davis of Jamaica with the Overstreet Elementary’s third grade class.

Fall 1999

Lynn Meadows Discovery Center

Lynn Meadows Discovery Center Interactive workshop with students at the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center included African drumming and dance, making percussion instruments, discussion of musical elements, and improvisation.

Spring 1998

Oak Hill Academy

Oak Hill Academy Spring Concert - Shona songs of Zimbabwe, Africa
Oak Hill Academy 6th Grade Orff Performance Class, West Point.