Support for Partnerships in Music Education

The Department of Music and Partnerships in Music Education would like to express their gratitude for the invaluable support of the Robert B. Holland Music For All Fund, Betterworth Leadership Lecture Series and the Lois C. Kaufman Endowment For Music Education for their support of music education in Mississippi and across the country.

Holland The Robert B. Holland Music For All Fund was established to utilize the strength of the university to empower public schools and especially schools that serve disadvantaged children.

"Robert Damm's work in that area—especially bringing music from different cultures to children who otherwise would not experience it—is a model for university-school partnerships. Robert Holland sought to democratize the arts and literature in his actions and words. I see that spirit alive in Robert Damm's work."--Melissa Holland

Betters The Betterworth Leadership Lecture Series provides presentations from Mississippi State's most stimulating faculty members, discussing the subjects in which they have expertise. These faculty members make presentations at high school and community colleges throughout the state. Dr. Damm has given African Drumming workshops and concerts throughout Mississippi.

Kaufman The Lois C. Kaufman Endowment For Music Education was established to support programs associated with sharing information and idea about the music of world cultures.