Theory & History

The Music History, Music Theory and Composition Area offers students the opportunity to put their musical activities in a broader cultural and analytical context. We believe that a well-rounded music educator or performer will seek out a deeper understanding of musical ideas in order to communicate with students or audiences.

Music Theory Curriculum

Music Study Skills

Music Theory & History Courses

  • Freshman Theory & Ear-Training
  • Sophomore Theory & Ear-Training
  • Orchestration
  • Form and Analysis
  • Composition
  • Music History I: Antiquity, Middle Ages & Renaissance Periods
  • Music History II: Baroque & Classical Periods
  • Music History III: Romantic & Twentieth Century Periods, World Music
  • History and Appreciation of Music

Upper Division Study Guides

Music History & Music Theory Faculty

Dr. Ryan Ross

Dr. Ryan Ross

Associate Professor

Music History, Music Appreciation
Rosângela Sebba

Dr. Rosângela  Sebba


Piano Lessons, Theory, Ear Training, Piano Area & Calendar Coordinator
Dr. James Sobaskie

Dr. James Sobaskie

Associate Professor

Theory, Ear Training, Composition, Theory Area Coordinator, Theory/History Division Chair