African Drumming for World Tour Day at Madison Middle School

Sunday, November 24, 2019

montage of photos from MMS


November 22 was World Tour Day at Madison Middle School. Seven different groups of 6th graders attended Dr. Bob’s center to experience African drumming. One group was selected to play for the closing all-school assembly. The purpose of the program was to provide a culmination/celebration to conclude the Social Studies unit on the seven continents of the world.  The students dressed as tourists and had their “passports” stamped at each center. Kudos to MMS for creating this fun day of hands-on learning about world cultures for the students.  Lots of parents and other community members were engaged in the event.  Dr. Bob was assisted by Julia Becking and other parent volunteers.  Dr. Bob shared information about African music and culture through show-and-tell with drums and other percussion instruments, facilitating interactive in-the-moment drumming, teaching specific dance rhythms (e.g. kuku, fanga, luba, toro, bamboula, samba, swing, clave, tresillo, cinquillo, etc.), and answering questions from the students.

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