Audio Workshop 101 for Current Topics

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Jim Beaty

Jim Beaty, of BACKSTAGE MUSIC in Starkville, presented his AUDIO WORKSHOP 101 on June 14th for the students enrolled in MUE 8033: Current Topics. He talked about the audio chain which includes inputs (microphones), mixing (volume, tone), processing (equalization, compression, reverb, effects, etc.), power amplifiers, and speakers.  He explained the differences between condenser and dynamic microphones in terms of their general application.  Students experimented with the mixing board to practice how to get a good sound for a singer/ensemble, how to eliminate feedback, how to use the tone controls for EQ and clarity, how and when to add effects, and where to place microphones.  Students were able to ask questions about various aspects of engineering live sound and the appropriate equipment to use for PA (public address) systems when delivering live music to an audience.

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