Bassidi Kone’ Residency in Starkville

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Master percussionist Bassidi Kone, who specializes in jembe and bala (xylophone) music of his native Mali, spent one week in Starkville before traveling to Indianapolis to present a performance/clinic for the Percussive Arts Society International Convention.  While in Mississippi, Kone’ presented numerous concerts and workshops:   

11-2-16 Workshop for UM Percussion Studio, Oxford, MS

11-3-16 Rehearsal with JEMBE DEN at Backstage, Starkville

11-4-16 Performance @ Annunciation School in Columbus with JEMBE DEN

11-4-16 Performance @ Sudduth Elementary School in Starkville with JEMBE DEN

11-5-16 Workshop at Link Center in Tupelo

11-6-16 Performance @ St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Starkville  

11-7-16 Workshop for MU 1001 - Drum Circle Class, MSU

11-7-16 Performance at East Mississippi Community College, Mayhew, MS

11-7-16 Lecture-Workshop for MSU Percussion Studio, Starkville, MS

11-8-16 Lecture-Workshop for MU 1103-01 African-American Music, MSU 

11-8-16 Lecture-Demonstration for MUE 3243-01 Planning Learning in Music Ed, MSU

Bassidi Kone’s residency was organized by Professor Robert J. Damm, sponsored by the MSU Music Department, and supported by the Holland Music Fund and the Lois C Kaufman Endowment.  Dr. Damm studied jembe and bala in Mali for three months for his sabbatical in 2011 and Bassidi Kone served as his mentor and teacher.  For more information on Bassidi Kone, refer to an article published by Damm entitled “The Jembe in Mali: Bassidi Kone and Maraka” (Percussive Notes, Vol. 51, No. 1, January, 2013) and checkout Bassidi Kone’s website at

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