Black History Month program at Henderson Elementary School

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dr. Bob led a music program for 80 fifth graders on February 12th in celebration of Black History Month.  The students and their teachers, from four classes, played drums and percussion instruments, sang songs, and discussed history and culture.  The event, which was held in the Henderson library, was arranged by fifth grade teacher Judy Middleton.  The hands-on program featured the drum call, a welcome song, and in-the-moment music inspired by swing style, samba, clave, kuku, and bamboula.  The students played a variety of instruments including bells, rattles, tubanos, frame drums, bass drums, tambourines, guiros, shakers, claves, and wood blocks.  The students learned about steady beat, call– and-response, and various elements of music including timbre, dynamics, texture, tempo, rhythm, and meter.  Dr. Bob talked about the origins of specific rhythms, dances, and instruments and their historical and cultural contexts.

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