Dr Bob joins World Tour Continents Day at Madison Middle School

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Drum Circle

Dr. Bob visited Madison Middle School on November 17 to facilitate eight interactive drumming sessions.  These educational hands-on drum sessions were in support of the Madison Middle School World Tour Continents Day.  Dr. Bob’s participation was arranged by Frances Schelver who is a sixth grade art teacher at the school.  She is in charge of overseeing arts related activities and planned the day based on the seven countries of the world.  Dr. Bob’s program was on African drumming and culture.  The students played African drums, bells, rattles, and other percussion instruments.  Some classes integrated drumming and storytelling, some integrated drumming and singing, some focused on African drumming performance practices (e.g. call-and-response, polyrhythm, and improvisation), some experienced the recreational and community aspects of in-the-moment drum circles while others practiced culturally-specific rhythms and compositions.  At the end of the seventh class of the day, all the students and teachers went to the gym for a presentation of the “best of show” program with a representative group from each of the centers performing for the whole school.

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