Dr. Rick Monatalto at MUW presented Eclectic Euphony composition recital

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dr. Rick Montalto, professor of music at the Mississippi University for Women, presented a composition recital on March 23rd in Poindexter Hall on the campus of MUW.   The recital, entitled ECLECTIC EUPHONY, featured eleven of Rick’s original works.  Five professors from Mississippi State University’s department of music were among the performers for the recital.  Jessica Banks, flute instructor, was featured on “Movement for Woodwind Quintet,” “Preludes for Flute,” “Etude for Three,” “Episodes,” “Agnus Dei,” and “Meditation.”  Dr. Robert Damm, professor of music, played vibraphone for “Etude for Three,” “Agnus Dei,” and in the duet with flute entitled “Meditation.”  Dr. Damm played trashkat, thunder tubes, and various home-made instruments for the “Improvisation for Electric Bass and Percussion.”  Sheri Falcone, woodwind instructor, was featured in “Movement for Woodwind Quintet,” “Etude for Three,” “November Song,” with pre-recorded tape, “Episodes,” and “Agnus Dei.”  Dr. Michael Patilla, professor of guitar, played “Fantasia Firenze” for solo guitar.  Other musicians from the community who played in the recital were Rachel Delk (soprano), Elizabeth Hawkins (French horn), Dr. Bonnie Oppenheimer (oboe), and Dr. Denise Rowan (bassoon).

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