Drum Circle in Sturgis

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Dr. Bob and music major Jon Bowden facilitated a drum circle on March 30th for students at West Oktibbeha County Elementary School in Sturgis, MS.  The program for the 5th grade class was arranged by Susan Allen (librarian) and Dustin Haley (music teacher). 

The drum circle experience may foster many musical outcomes such as creativity, groove, improvisation, and listening, as well as providing direct interaction with musical elements such as form, dynamics, texture, rhythm, meter, and tempo.  To some degree, the drum circle can also provide cultural information through informed engagement with world instruments and rhythms.  Perhaps the most important value of the drum circle are found in the extra-musical outcomes related to the synergy which happens when the drum circle is facilitated in such a way as to provide a positive social experience, community interaction, and musical enjoyment. 

Dr. Damm talked to the students about the unique enjoyment of music and the option of being in the school band starting in 6th grade.  All 6th – 7th-grade students living in Starkville/Oktibbeha County will attend the new Starkville Oktibbeha County School District/MSU 6-7 Partnership School to be constructed on the MSU campus.  The new school will include facilities and resources to be used by MSU in preparing students, teachers, and administrators to become change agents in education throughout the state. This partnership school will allow our students to learn in the future’s most innovative classrooms and be among the first in Mississippi to experience new and developing best practices in education.  This groundbreaking partnership between the new district and the state’s largest university promises to set a new standard for educating Mississippi students and future teachers.

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