Jembe Den performs for Black History Month programs in West Point

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Black History Month

JEMBE DEN presented three performances on February 21st in West Point in recognition of Black History Month.  The program for the pre-school and kindergarten students at Eastside Elementary School was arranged by music teacher Rebecca DeSantis.  Eastside Elementary has four pre-K classes and 12 kindergarten classes with a total enrollment of 270 students.  The programs for third and fourth grade students were arranged through Principal Casey Glusenkamp by Naomi Kilgore of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority in Clay County.  There are 21 classes at Southside Elementary with a total of 465 students who attended the JEMBE DEN performances.  JEMBE DEN is a percussion ensemble comprised of Dr. Robert Damm’s students.  They play for cultural and educational programs throughout Mississippi.  Their repertoire includes the dance rhythms of West African traditionally associated with social gatherings and community celebrations such as the end of a harvest, marriage, baby naming, and other festive occasions.  The repertoire played in these performances included dansa, kuku, fanga, djole, kassa, toro, luba, bamboula, tiriba, and dibon.

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