MSU Department of Music at Mississippi Music Teachers Association

Monday, November 6, 2017

Jeonai Batista presenting a lecture; Lori Feng and Izak H Community Music School piano students with Dr. Sebba

Mississippi State Department of Music was well represented at the Mississippi Music Teachers Association annual state conference.

Drs. Matthew Haislip, Jessica Haislip and Rosangela Sebba performed at the new faculty recital. Jeonai Batista, piano and voice major, presented a paper/lecture “Distribution Shape in Music Analysis.” Dr. Sebba presented a paper/lecture “The Unknown Brazilian Piano Music.” Dr. Karen Murphy presided the Independent Music Teachers Forum.

Sarah Jenkins, alumni piano major, attended as an independent piano teacher. Catherine Patriquin, saxophone major and student of Ms. Sheri Falcone, competed at the MTNA competition receiving an Honorable Mention and Community Music School piano students, Katie Randall, Izak Hanson and Lori Feng (1st alternate) competed at the concerto competition.


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