Music Trail

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Dr. Bob and Ellen Boles (retired public school music teacher) presented a Music Trail program on May 16th in McKee Park for members of the Starkville Pilot Club.  The Pilot Club was responsible for the installation of the Music Trail in order to fulfill a number of music education objectives:

  • To have instruments available for all children that will not require previous musical experience so all can succeed in participating. Exploratory play on the instruments will encourage the children to be creative.
  • To introduce children to various instruments, their history, and ways the instruments can be played individually and as an ensemble.
  • To provide an outdoor classroom area where classes and organizations can go to participate in musical activities.
  • To host activities for children and adults with the instruments.
  • To have an outdoor area safe for all children where physical limitations are not a concern.

For more information about the Music Trail including a Lesson Plan Guide, please contact Dr. Bob.

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