Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Kayla Marie

The MSU Music Department now offers a MINOR IN MUSIC AND CULTURE for students with an interest in non-Western music, especially the music of Africa and the African Diaspora. The program offers students from any major, the opportunity to study the ways in which human cultural diversity is represented through music.  The minor features an interdisciplinary approach to exploring music and supports Mississippi State University's vision of diversity and global involvement.  The minor is distinct from other existing degrees in that it offers an anthropological approach that does not rely heavily on music performance skills.  The curriculum provides students a foundational proficiency in world music cultures.  Students can choose courses of interest to them and classes which will enhance their major. The minor will enable students to engage critically with music and cultures from diverse cultures of the world and prepare them for graduate study, work abroad, or careers in the global market. 
The curriculum includes new and interesting courses:
• Music of Africa
• Music of Latin America
• African American Music
• Native American Music
• History and Appreciation of American Music
• The History of Rock and Roll
• The History of Jazz
• Introduction to Music in Film

See the curriculum here:
For more information on the Minor in Music & Culture, contact Professor Robert J. Damm by email at


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