Samba in Columbus for Catholic Schools Week

Friday, February 2, 2018

Annunciation Catholic School

Annunciation Catholic School in Columbus celebrated Catholic Schools Week with many exciting programs including their annual “Our Nation Day” parade on January 30th.  Dr. Bob worked with Mrs. Lacey Sherman’s 5th grade students on January 29th and taught them how to play the rhythms of samba on percussion instruments including the tamborin, agogo, ganza, and surdo.  The students also learned about the history of samba in Brazil.  Samba has its roots in Angola and the Congo and features many African characteristics including polyrhythm, call-&-response, and syncopation.  Dr. Bob and the 5th graders played their samba music to lead the entire school in the parade through the neighborhood around the school.  The Mississippi State University ROTC also marched in the parade.

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