AUDITIONS - Instrumental, Voice and Ensembles

AUDITIONS - Instrumental, Voice and Ensembles

Preferred date for music majors and minors

Feb 18, 2017

Feb 18, 2017

Band and Choral Rehearsal Hall


  • Band:
  • Choirs:

Woodwind and Brass:

  • Five major scales of the student’s choice, two octaves where appropriate 
  • A chromatic scale within the range of the instrument 
  • Sight-reading 
  • A short prepared piece that demonstrates your best qualities 
  • An additional contrasting piece, if requested by the applied faculty area 


  • Snare drum - concert and/or rudimental solo, rudiments
  • Keyboard percussion - two or four mallet solo, major scales
  • Timpani - etude or solo
  • Drum set (optional) - demonstration of swing/rock/Latin styles


  • Short aria or art song of your choice. For more information about repertoire visit:
  • Vocalization through your range
  • Exercise given by faculty for pitch retention. You will sing back a series of pitches after they are played for you on the piano
  • Sight-reading


  • Major and minor scales
  • Prepared concerto movement or solo literature
  • Orchestral excerpts
  • Sight-reading


  • Demonstrate major/minor scales and arpeggios (minimum of two octaves)
  • Two prepared pieces of contrasting styles (memorization preferred)
  • Sight-reading at an appropriate level


  • One major scale
  • Two contrasting musical selections




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