Suffrage Cantata with Schola Cantorum

Suffrage Cantata with Schola Cantorum

Apr 8, 2022

7:00 pm

9:00 pm

First Baptist Church, Starkville-MS

“This work is about a distinct moment in history, but it was also composed during a critical moment in history. The music and texts capture the struggle for suffrage among women who were separated by the color line, but united in an understanding of the importance of women having the capacity to participate as full and equal citizens. Just as the women involved in suffrage raised their voices, artists must also make their desires for a better world clear, and that is why we implore you to involve singers who embody the women characterized in this work
as authentically as possible, so that audiences can connect to the conflicts and triumphs of the road to suffrage. Careful attention must be given for coherent and respectful representation of the characters, especially the mezzo soprano soloist(s) representing African-American women.” Drs. Marcia Chatelain & Andrea Ramsey.

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Sponsor: MSU Choral Activities
Contact: Danielle Gaude, Administrative Assistant – Choral: 662-325-3490

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