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Logan Larson

Dr. Logan Larson


Theory and Ear Training

Theory and History



Logan Larson (b.1994) is an award-winning classical music composer, vocalist, EDM producer, and educator originally from Des Moines, Iowa. He received his D.M.A. in Composition at the University of Miami (’21), M.M. in Composition at the University of Kansas (’18), and B.A. in Music at Luther College (’16). He has primarily studied composition with Brooke Joyce, Forrest Pierce, Dorothy Hindman, and Lansing McLoskey, but has also studied with George Lewis, Melinda Wagner, and Christopher Theofanidis during their Distinguished Composer in Residencies at the University of Miami. His compositions have been performed across the world in cities such as Toronto, Canada; Trieste, Italy; and Queensland, Australia.

The build and release of tension is a primary source of inspiration behind the creation of Larson’s playful melodies and hypnotic rhythms. His instrumental works are known for the incorporation of classical music elements with more contemporary music techniques found in genres such as Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Hip-Hop, and Rap. He has been fortunate enough to work with fantastic musicians from around the globe and has been commissioned to write works for groups such as the GRAMMY-nominated string quintet, Sybarite5, the Iowa Composers Forum, University of Kansas Symphonic Band, and individual musicians.

Larson's focal point in recent years has been the development of a new subgenre of classical music he invented entitled New Wave Classical Art Music. The genre’s characteristics include fixed media tracks with electronic production timbres and textures not currently within the classical arts. The acoustic instruments use idioms of “traditional” classical music such as orchestration, counterpoint, church modes, and mode mixture. By combining the acoustic instruments with the visceral synths and drums of EDM, new possibilities are created for the classical genre. He has received mentorship from large EDM artists such as Ace Aura and LAXX. Larson's research interests are finding connections between classical music and EDM.

At Mississippi State, he teaches music theory and ear training.