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Terrell Jackson

Mr. Terrell Jackson



Terrell Jackson considers North Carolina his home state, but growing up as a p.k. (pastor's kid), Terrell had the opportunity to live in Virginia, Kentucky and Maine, as well as North Carolina.  In the third grade, he began studying piano and by junior high was playing piano and organ for the church services, as well as singing solos and singing in the choir.

In high school, he decided to major in music in college, which led him to earn a Bachelor of Music from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and a Master's of Music from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.  Leaving SMU, his first job was in San Antonio, Texas where he would spend the next 18 years.  Fifteen of those years were spent teaching at the Hispanic Baptist Theological Seminary, where he learned to speak Spanish and also met his wife, Leonor Godinez Jackson, from Monterrey, Mexico.

In the mid-1990's, Terrell sensed God leading him in a new direction.  He went back to school to earn a second master's degree with an emphasis in choral conducting.  While at the Seminary, he had been serving as pianist for a local church, but left there for his first part time position as minister of music.  This eventually led him to leave the Seminary and accept his first full time position as minister of music at the First Baptist Church in Haynesville, Louisiana.  In January of 2003, he came to Calvary to serve as Minister of Music and Media.

Terrell and Leonor have 3 children and one grandchild.  Karina Dorn is married, and has one child, Aaron, who is three years old. Karina is a graduate of Mississippi State University with a Master's in Accounting. Caleb is currently serving in the Air Force and Isaac, their youngest, just finished high school and wants to serve on the mission field.

Terrell loves to teach piano, and for several years has been teaching piano to non-majors at Mississippi State University on his day off.  He also loves to speak Spanish and welcomes any opportunity to do that.  He enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his family.