Virtual Oboe Day 2021

Join us on March 6, 2021 for a day of virtual oboe events! Oboists of all ages are welcome. Parents and instructors are invited to join us as well! There are no registration fees for this event. Oboe Day 2021 events will include:

Oboe Masterclass with Guest Artist Cassie Pilgrim
Cassie Pilgrim is the Principal Oboist of The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. In addition, she has performed in The Philadelphia Orchestra and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. During the summer, she has appeared at Festival Mozaic, Music from Angel Fire, the Aspen Music Festival and the Colorado College Summer Music Festival. Her playing has been featured on NPR’s From the Top and Performance Today.

All Virtual Oboe Day participants are invited to watch this masterclass and learn from Ms. Pilgrim. A limited number of participants will be selected by recorded audition to perform in this masterclass. Students who are interested in performing in the masterclass should indicate this in their registration information. Dr. Haislip will contact students via email with more information about how to submit an audition recording.

Middle School Oboe Masterclass with Guest Artist Kevin Shira
Mr. Shira is the Assistant Director of Bands at Ocean Springs High School. His teaching responsibilities include assisting with directing the Blue-Grey Pride, conducting the OSHS Concert Band, and instructing the saxophones and double reeds at Ocean Springs Upper Elementary.

Mississippi State University Oboe Studio Recital
Listen to solo and chamber music performances featuring members of the MSU Oboe Studio!

Build Your Oboe Technique and Tone!
Dr. Jessica Haislip, Instructor of Oboe at Mississippi State University, will lead this session. This class is designed to give oboists of all ages tools to help develop great technique and tone color.

Reed Class: Adjusting and Finishing Reeds
In this session, Dr. Haislip will demonstrate reed making basics such as knife sharpening and scraping techniques, ideal reed design, and reed adjustment skills. Students who have their own reed making kit can participate in the class - in addition to a basic reed making kit (reed knife, mandrel, plaque, chopping block, ruler that shows millimeters), students will need either a few reed blanks, or a few old reeds to practice scraping on (don’t use good reeds for this - beginning reed makers often damage a few reeds during the learning process). Students who do not have their own reed making kit are welcome to attend the session to listen and learn!

Free Virtual Lesson with Dr. Jessica Haislip
Dr. Haislip is offering free 30-minute virtual lessons to Virtual Oboe Day participants. Students who are interested in signing up for a lesson should indicate this in their registration information. Dr. Haislip will contact students via email with more information about how to sign up for a lesson time.

Students who wish to perform in a guest artist masterclass or schedule a free virtual lesson must register by March 1st, 2021. Registration will remain open through March 5th for students who wish to attend the guest artist masterclasses and other sessions as audience members rather than as performers.