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Dr. Kirkland performed and presented at Florida State University

Dr. Anthony Kirkland, Assistant Professor of Trumpet at MSU, performed and presented masterclasses at the Florida State University College of Music on October 21st and 22nd.  He also visited students and presented brass and career oriented classes at ABAC College in Tifton, Georgia, on October 23rd.  Dr. Kirkland is currently principal trumpet of the MSU-Starkville Symphony, and since coming to...

Music of India

Nirdosh Shaunak visited students enrolled in World Music class to play the sitar and to talk about the music and culture of India. She spoke about Hinduism and explained concepts of Carnatic music such as drone, swara, alapna, raga and tala. She also discussed many aspects of Indian culture including how gurus pass down knowledge to their disciples and the role of women in society. She gave...

Dr. Sobaskie published on music of Chopin and Fauré

James William Sobaskie, associate professor of music at Mississippi State University, contributed original research to a recent publication. Dr. Sobaskie’s chapter, “Chopin’s Legacy in France: The Music of Gabriel Fauré,” which originated as a presentation delivered at the University of Warsaw during the international celebration of Chopin’s bicentennial in 2010, appears in the two-volume...