Welcome to the Mississippi State University String Area, where musical excellence meets academic prowess. Our dedicated faculty and talented students collaborate in an environment that fosters growth and excellence. Explore our dynamic programs and vibrant community as you embark on a journey of musical discovery and growth. Whether refining classical masterpieces, exploring contemporary music, or embarking on the educational field, the string area at MSU's Music Department cultivates a harmonious space where your passion builds your future. 

Envision yourself as a vital part of the Mississippi State University String Area! Join a community of passionate musicians, shaping the string sections of our chamber orchestra and symphonic orchestra, engaging in chamber groups, and supporting each other in performance studio class. Experience master classes, excel in competitions, and earn scholarships for competition and prestigious summer festivals.  

Engage in a supportive yet challenging environment, featuring:

  • Weekly individual lessons: Tailored training focusing on your growth as a violinist, educator and musician. Our environment encourages curiosity and enthusiasm, delving into technical foundations, sound production, intonation, and musical phrasing.
  • Weekly String Studio Class: Enhance your performance skills by sharing your music with fellow musicians and faculty, offering constructive feedback in a supportive setting.
  • Chamber Music: Dive into the world of chamber music with weekly coaching and culminating in performance opportunities. 
  • Mississippi State Chamber Orchestra and Mississippi State Symphony Orchestra: Experience a vibrant season featuring incredible repertoire. Immerse yourself in inspiring performances that draw music enthusiasts from the local community. The top students are selected to perform with the professional Starkville Symphony Orchestra!