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MTNA Christmas Concert

November 30, 2022

The Mississippi State University chapter of the Music Teachers National Association will perform a Christmas Benefit Concert on Saturday, December 10th at 3:00pm. The concert will be in the Department of Music Lecture-Recital Hall (124 Hardy Rd.) and will be followed by a bake sale.  The concert will feature a variety of Christmas favorites for solo piano and piano duet. Performers include Kindal...


October 30, 2022

Mississippi State University music theory professor James Sobaskie gave two invited lectures at the Louisiana State University’s School of Music. On October 27, 2022, Dr. Sobaskie addressed the School of Music’s graduate musicology seminar, “Franz Schubert: Inside, Out,” providing a research presentation called “The Social and the Sacred: Schubert’s Waltzes and Church Music.” On the following day...

UDPE Theory

October 23, 2022

MSU music majors who are not currently in Music Theory III and/or Ear Training III, but need to re-take one or more of the Music Theory Upper Division Proficiency Examination test components at the end of the Fall semester, should contact Dr. James Sobaskie by email ( as soon as possible for more information to get...

Faure Logo

October 16, 2022

Mississippi State University Music Theory professor James Sobaskie provided the keynote address for the Twelfth Annual Southern Graduate Music Research Symposium, held on Saturday, October 15, 2022. The online symposium, organized by graduate music students at the University of Florida, Florida State University, and the University of Georgia, featured graduate music student researchers from...


October 12, 2022

Nirdosh Shaunak, long-time resident of Starkville who grew up in India, visited students enrolled in World Music class on October 11th to demonstrate her sitar.  Nirdosh first studied dance as a child. but after a bicycle accident, switched to sitar which she studied for 20 years.  She played her sitar for the students and answered questions about Indian music and culture.  Topics of the day...

Courtney Cater

October 8, 2022

The late Mrs. Lois Kaufman’s instrument collection is now installed and enriching courses in the music department at Mississippi State University, thanks to collaboration between Dr. Robert J. Damm, professor of music, and David Nolen, professor and associate editor/reference librarian with the Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Library. Kaufman’s instrument collection was housed in the Mitchell...


September 29, 2022

MSU Department of Music had a strong presence at the College Music Society 65th National Conference at Long Beach - CA. Dr. Jenna Klein presented a poster “Piano Majors’ Relationship with Repertoire by Women Composers and Composers of Color”. Prof. Sheri Falcone and Drs. Denise Rowan and Rosângela Sebba performed a recital “Underrepresented Brazilian Composers: Arrangements for Clarinet, Bassoon...

Dr. Robert Damm and Dr. Daniel Stevens

September 16, 2022

Mrs. Lois and Dr. Harold F. Kaufman came to Starkville and MSU in 1941.  As the first music teacher at MSU, Lois taught music appreciation and music theory in the 1950s.  She also taught piano and strings at Maben High School for 25 years.  She was one of the organizers of the Starkville-MSU Symphony Orchestra in which she played viola.  Because of Harold’s research, the Kaufmans had traveled and...

Buddy Center

September 12, 2022

Dr. Bob and MSU music graduate Matt Hines co-facilitated a drum circle at the Buddy Center in Ridgeland, MS on 9/10/22. The Buddy Center opened in August 2022 as a place to provide programming for individuals with Down syndrome and their loved ones. The Central Mississippi Down Syndrome Society is dedicated to the health, awareness, and acceptance of Mississippians with Down syndrome. 


September 12, 2022

Mississippi State University Music Theory professor James Sobaskie spoke about the first violin sonata of Gabriel Fauré and chaired a paper session at the annual conference of the Royal Music Association on September 8, 2022.  The presentation, which took place at the University of Durham in the north of England, was Dr. Sobaskie’s fourth invited lecture before the British musicological...


September 12, 2022

Mississippi State University Music Theory professor James Sobaskie guest-edited the August 2022 issue of Nineteenth-Century Music Review, which is entitled “Critical Responses to Nineteenth-Century French Music.”  His third guest-editing project for the British musicological journal, NCMR Volume 19/2 features five invited articles from American and Canadian musicologists, as well as a book review...

Oliver Salonga

September 7, 2022

Once a month the MSU Department of Music presents The Piano and Its Perspectives. A partnership with EMAC/Federal University of Goiás in Brazil and the digital/ITS office, the Portugal Science & Technology Foundation, Center for the Study in Sociology & Music Aesthetics, Portugal New University, in Portugal and colleagues: Andréa Luísa Teixeira (coordinator), Maria Caroline Porto, Sérgio...

Sophie Wang

September 6, 2022

MSU Piano Area invites you to Dr. Sophie Wang's Piano Recital on September 8 at 7:30 pm in the New Music Building Lecture-Recital Hall. Dr. Wang is the coordinator of the Collaborative Piano area and has performed extensively in Europe, Asia and USA. Admission is free for this solo piano recital.

UDPE Theory

July 13, 2022

  The written theory, aural dictation, and musicianship skills tests of the MSU Music Theory Upper Division Proficiency Examination on Monday, August 15, 2022, starting at 8:30 a.m., in the new music building, room 1730. Incoming transfer students who have successfully completed at least three (3) semesters of accredited music theory and ear training courses, as well as current MSU music majors...

Diagnostic Exam

July 10, 2022

August 17 at 8:00 am, a diagnostic exam will be administered to measure your readiness for Music Theory I and Ear Training I. We use the results to place students in appropriate classes and provide the appropriate instruction for those who need to take a remedial class, as well as help students avoid dropping the classes (Theory and Ear Training) in the middle of the semester or failing them...

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